systemic team coaching...

To address your organization’s challenges in today’s complexity, Global Team Impact uses the approach of Systemic Team Coaching to help your teams excel, provide value for your stakeholders and be ready for the future.

Systemic Team Coaching is a complex and powerful intervention in organisations. It's a process of coaching whole teams together and apart, over a designated period of time, to enable them to:

  • Align on common purpose

  • Collaborate and learn through diversity

  • Develop collective leadership

  • Achieve performance objectives

  • Effectively engage with their key stakeholders

  • Jointly transform the wider business

Our team coaching engages your whole teams within the broad context of the company over a period of several months. We develop the team’s competencies in all five dimensions of team performance to help create clarity and alignment of the team’s purpose and goals ensuring you can lead from the future and fulfil stakeholders needs. Some case studies are listed here.

By refinement of team roles, responsibilities and team structures the interdependence of team members is improved and shared ownership is created, which results in stronger team connections and higher psychological safety and trust. We coach your teams to celebrate successes and collectively harvest the learning to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Systemic Team Coaching program can include:

  • Structured team sessions, virtually or in-person

  • Team assessments

  • Stakeholder surveys

  • Team launch or re-launch

  • Team and Leadership acceleration program with 1-on-1 coaching and development workshops

Some of the scenarios where Systemic Team Coaching is particularly beneficial are listed here. Our Systemic Team Coaching is unique in that we approach your team as a unique entity that is more than the sum of its parts, address it in its context and work from the demands this ecosystem and the future puts on the team to build an effective team today.