Key services for private equity...

Global Team Impact™ provides talent and organizational assessment and development resources to help Private Equity firms realize untapped potential and create synergies among their portfolio companies. Our clients include portfolio companies in many industries in North America, UK/Europe and globally in Aviation Finance, Commercial Engineering & Construction, Hospitality, Leasing, Life Sciences, Logistics & Supply Chain, Software & Technology.

Pre-Acquisition Services

We help PE firms assess human capital risks and proactively anticipate the challenges that need to be addressed prior to acquisition.

Leadership Team Assessment:

  • Multi-point assessment of the executive team to identify points of leverage and develop to maximize their ability to deliver value together.

  • Increased confidence that the senior team is optimized to deliver on strategy and KPIs.

Organizational Assessment:

  • Multi-level organizational diagnosis examining structural, process, cultural (organizational and national), interpersonal and external dynamics and key factors influencing and ability to execute.

  • Leverages cross-sectional interviews, surveys and performance against KPIs, current and past.

Communication Planning:

  • Most acquisitions are by their nature highly focussed change management projects. Managing the psychological contract with and between the executives, staff and PE firm underpins the success of the business contract.

  • Comprehensive communication advice before and during the critical acquisition days when the right tone and style set the mood for the first 9 months post-acquisition.

Post-Acquisition Services

Following acquisition, we work with portfolio company leadership teams to help them reorient around new objectives, strategy, board composition, new markets / stakeholders, organizational structure and culture as they leverage the PE investment.

We have a full suite of individual and cross-team development interventions which help portfolio firms adapt more quickly to their new circumstances and hasten the drive towards the outcome that their PE partner is working towards.