Systemic scenarios

Some of the scenarios where Systemic Team Coaching is particularly beneficial are when:

  • The team feels stretched and wants to maintain the well- being of its team members

  • The team is generally high performing but wonders how they can have greater impact

  • The team has a high pressure, high profile file/project and wants support to ensure they deliver

  • Turnover has been high and the team needs a reset / relaunch

  • The key stakeholders of the team are dissatisfied with how the team is meeting its needs

  • There is a lack of alignment among team members

  • There is a lack of trust / psychological safety in the team and the team leader is committed too improving this

  • Team members feel siloed but believe they should be more interdependent (there is an opportunity to be greater than the sum or their parts)

  • Team members do not agree on a shared compelling purpose for the team

  • The way the team spends its time delivers less value-added than it should.